Item:Make your own  Kitchengarden Angel 
Price: £34.50
Kitchengarden Angel" kit, H.63 cm. Gorgeous Garden angel. Kit contains cotton fabric, lace, decorative rubber, paper flowers, beads, brown Tilda hair, embroidery yarn, thread, needle, sticks & instructions included. All you need to add is 150gm of stuffing.
Item:Make Your Own Fruitgarden Angel 
Price: £26.99 SOLD OUT
Fruitgarden Angel kit, hieght 64 cm. A chic summer angel in red
Kit contents: cotton fabrics, Tilda hair, embroidery yarn, wire, ball ribbon, wooden stick, sewing thread & needle & instructions
Wadding, 150 g, not included
Item:Painting Faces Set 
Price: £12.99
The contents of this set can be used for all Tilda figures, i.e. fabric dolls, appliqué, painted figures and plywood, cardboard and paper figures.
Contents: Antique pink ink pad, eye tool, black paint, flat brush, instructions.
Item:Tilda Garden Party Bag
Price: £17.99
"Gardenparty bag " material kit, fabric. Sew a pretty little bag for a garden party.
Height (without handle) 25,5 cm, width 20 cm (opening).
Contents: Fabric, vlieseline, natural string, needle and thread and instructions.

Item:Make your own Tilda "Angel with bird" kit.
Price: £34.50 SOLD OUT
Funky summer angel, cute little angel kit from the Tilda range. Dressed in the latest Tilda fabric with her very own bird in a cage. Fabulous kit containing all you need to create this happy little angel. All you will need to supply is 150gm of stuffing..... So pretty. Finished H.64 cm. Kit contains: cotton fabrics, Tilda hair, embroidery yarn, wire, ball ribbon, wooden stick, sewing thread & needle & instructions.

Item:Tilda Dolls Needles
Price: £1.99
Pack of 3 stainless steel Doll needles. 1 x 9 1 x 13 1x17.5cm.
Item:Tilda Doll Figure Stand
Price: £4.99
Figure stand, wood. 8x35 cm. Supplied unassembled. Glue included. Pack of 2.
To show your Tilda figure off to the best effect, attach to a display stand.

Item:Make your own Tilda Vintage Angel kit.
Price: £26.90 SOLD OUT
Material kit "Vintage Doll Angel", height 54 cm, to sew yourself. Contents: fabric, ribbon, paper decoration, wings, beads, paint, brush, glue, string, needle, sewing thread and instructions. Wadding, 200 g, not included.

Item:Make your own Tilda Bath Angel kit.
Price: £34.99 SOLD OUT
Brilliant kit to create your very own tilda Doll."Tilda Bath Angel" kit contains all the materials you need .... Fabric, Tilda hair, velvet ribbon, beads, wire, buttons, figure stand, sticks, thread, glue & instructions included. Filling, 150 g, not included.

Item: Make your own Tilda Seaside Angel kit
Price: £26.00
This Kit includes materials to sew your own Tilda angel complete with wooden boat.

Contents include: 100% cotton fabric, yarn, buttons, doll hair, boat, needle, sewing thread and instructions.

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